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Love Yourself. Change your life!

The way you treat yourself is the secret to emotional wellness.


Being Happy, Being You.

Feel good in your own skin and everything else will fall into place.

Who you are and what you have in you is more than enough. You just need to make the decision to believe in yourself!

You Are Golden, Girl!


Hi, I’m Marta!

Coach + mentor, I help women overcome self-doubt and release feelings of unworthiness so they can rewire for happiness.

Because if we cannot be happy, what else matters?

It is my soul work to motivate and empower others with the tools that can help them restore emotional wellness, regain their personal power and create a life they love.

Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way, show up with kindness and self-appreciation first and allow ourselves to create a life filled with joy and excitement.

I’m super happy to have you here and I hope you’ll stick around!


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On the blog you can find articles on self-confidence, personal expression, self-esteem, positive psychology, spirituality and living a fulfilling life and passionate life.


You're finally ready to see yourself as the unique, beautiful and capable self you are + embrace the freedom to create a life you feel excited to wake up to.


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