Single Coaching Session

Single coaching session

This is for you if you are not quite ready to dive completely into discovering your authentic identity. Join me for a 90 minute skype call to get clarity in your life now and a mega confidence boost! Sometimes we all need a little nudge in the right direction!

There are few things as brave as deciding to take the first step. 


The Clarity Call is a 30 minute phone-call application designed to give you clarity on areas you want to grow, discover whether we are a good fit, and get a grasp on what coaching will offer you. It is the first step in our coaching relationship, but in no way commits you to going any further. 

I operate my one on one coaching through invite-only, and only take 10 clients at a time so I can give them my full attention. In order to see if we are the right fit, please fill out the below application with as much openness as feels comfortable. The more you share, the more in depth our call can go. Note: Everything you share here is confidential. After submitting your application you'll immediately receive a link to book in my calendar along with an email from me personally.

My application process is set up to insure working together is the right fit for you! If it turns out we are not a match made in coaching heaven, I will do my best to point you in the right direction.

Break Free in Just One Session

One session with me is all it will take to get you unstuck. We both know that realistically one session won’t change everything forever, but it will definitely be enough to get you moving, on the right track and with self-belief restored!

What To Expect

To make sure we get a great result in just one session, we follow a very simple formula.

  1. I send you a short pre-session questionnaire to allow you to describe in as much detail as possible the current situation you find yourself stuck in and what you would love to achieve.

  1. Once you email your questionnaire back to me I review it, and then invite you for a session at a mutually convenient time.

  1. Your session will then be scheduled for 90 minutes and we can meet in person / via skype or the phone.

  1. During your session I will help you gain new clarity around your current problem area, and then we will develop a strategy for you to focus on to make sure you will be unstuck. My job is to ensure you have everything you need in just one session to get you moving!

  1. Within 2 weeks of your session we will catch on the phone, to review your progress, and address any areas that need a little extra attention.

Creative Catalyst Session

This is a great session for when you have a creative project you want to begin, give an injection of energy or finish.
– Write a book
– Start a blog
– Begin a creative practice
– Reinvigorate a creative project that’s stalled
– Get help tapping into your creative mojo
– Get help to get the damn thing finished!
– Tap into the creativity available to us all

Vision Session

The perfect session for giving your Big Dreams a boost.
– Figure out what you truly want from life
– Give your dream a rocket boost of energy
– Get unstuck and unblocked
– Get into action on your dream
– Find the time to make your dreams happen
– Find the energy for the next push
– Make sure your foundations are super strong to build your big dream upon

Connection session

The ideal session if you’re not hearing your inner guidance.
– Connect to an infinite source of wisdom
– Dive into your deepest desires and soul’s yearnings
– Connect to the wisdom of your body
– Get in touch with the awareness behind your thoughts…the mind
– Tune into your heart’s wisdom
– Hear the voice of your soul
– Recieve the wisdom of your spiritual team

Foundation session

This is the session to have if you feel stressed, shattered, scattered and just not loving life.
– Get in touch with how cared for you’re feeling right now
– Make your life easier
– Make self-care a bigger priority in your life
– Create daily practices to help you feel calmer and happier
– Let joy lead
– Connect to your heart’s wisdom
– Lighten up, chill out and love your life! 

Coaching – Single Session

Are you feeling a bit stuck in your life or business?   Do you need someone to talk to work through your next steps or do you want to understand why what is happening is happening for you?

Having a coach is a great way to gain a new perspective on what is going on for you, and is a great way to get clarity, focus and to make a plan to get you where you want to go… and most importantly, to help you believe that you really can do it and to hold you accountable to actually doing it.

We all need support and motivation and to have someone in our corner cheering us on.  Having a coach is one of the best investments to your success in,life and business that you can make.

Your booking will be confirmed once payment has been received.


  • Pre-Coaching questionaire to help discover what actions are needed right now to bring your deep confidence alive!

  • One 90-min skype or phone call

  • Unlimited support through email up to two weeks post coaching call

  • Recommended materials, goal setting, and new deep confidence

  • Email or call me to set up a 90-minute coaching session on one issue.

  • Be prepared for the session with a clear, focused, single topic for coaching, and a brief description of your current situation.

  • Be open to engaging in direct, powerful questions.

  • Know that you will end the session with deeper clarity, an inquiry for thoughtful consideration, and a self-chosen action step to begin the process of change.


one time fee of $120