The #1 Limiting Belief That Is Holding You Back

Simply, a belief is an idea or principle which we believe to be true. 

And we all hold a set of beliefs that help us interpret and understand the world around us and make some sense of it all. Most of our beliefs are generalizations about our past based on our interpretations of what happens to us.

Usually, once we have formed one we will tend to stick to it for a long time and, sometimes they are so deeply rooted, that we go on with our lives without even being aware of it.

So there they are, mostly unconsciously, working their magic on us like a spell!

And that's all good if some of that beliefs were not making our lives a living hell. Too dramatic? I don't think so.

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Because the reality is that the way you think will affect positively or negatively the way you behave and, most importantly, the way you feel! 

Worse, when we think something to be true we tend to find the evidence to corroborate that. Meaning: we often create the situations that will reinforce our beliefs.

And, on the top of the list of The Most Negative Beliefs We Can Hold, ladies and gentleman, is: 

"I'm not good enough"!

Oh, this nasty little bitch can do a lot of damage without even trying too much!

"I'm not capable."

"I don't deserve it."

"I'm to young or too old."

"I'm not smart enough."

"I suck at it."

These and a lot more other beliefs are just variations of that first one.

With that said, I'm not devaluing the real traumatic experiences you may have had. They are part of your challenges, just understand that only you have the power over yourself. And it's not because something once was true that it's going to be true forever.

What I mean by this is that you are responsible for what you choose to believe, especially when those beliefs aren't really true.

You have the power to challenge, reframe and even change your beliefs!

If you know where it all started, great, work from there. But if you don't, don't let it stop you from wanting to change the beliefs that are not supporting and empowering you. 

For now, I just ask you to honestly question this belief and the experiences you associate with it because when you question them you no longer feel absolutely certain about them and only then you can be open to change what is no longer serving you.

Ask yourself?

"Is this really true?"

"What happened in my past that led me to think this way?"

"Can I reframe this belief to something less disempowering?"

"What am I afraid it may happen if I choose to not believe it?"

Once you bring light to the dark it's a lot easier to heal.

Tell me in the comments if this is something you struggle or have struggled with and how have you've been dealing with it.