Helping Women Feel Good About Themselves


You are so much more than your past, your experiences, your outcomes, your results.

You're limitless and deserving of everything you dream of.

There's no need to be any different, compromise or even worse...try to be just like everyone else.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.  You’re just human. And life is messy!

You were caught up in the comparison trap and you’re letting your mind run on autopilot leaving your negative self-talk take the wheel.

How do you feel when you hear that voice in your head telling you that you're not good enough, that'll never work, or you can't do something?

Scared, worried, anxious, stuck… Powerless, right?

But there’s a better way.

Address the challenge, uncover what’s no longer serving you and approach life from a different perspective.

You Have A Choice!


Happiness Is Just A Decision.

I know what it means to live life based on "should's + must have's" and lacking the confidence to forge my own path.

Somehow I let other people's ideas  of what was good for me lead me on a trail of obligation and "doing the right thing".

My patterns of choice were questioning my desires and doubting myself. "Is this the right thing to do? Am I doing what I'm supposed to?" 

And all those "right decisions" were leaving me tired, bored and unhappy.

What was stopping me were the false beliefs I had about who I needed to be. It took me some time to finally decide to take full responsibility for my own life, reclaim my personal power and give voice to my own dreams and desires.

My life's purpose has been all about learning to express myself fully, listening to my own soul and feeling confident in my own skin.

And now I’m making it my mission to help women see how unique, beautiful and capable they are so they can embrace the freedom to be, do or have anything they want.

It's about stepping into your personal power and living life on your terms, knowing that who you are is not only enough but exactly what the world needs.

I believe you have the power to create a life you simply adore, even in the middle of all the chaos, overwhelm and confusion your mind may be experiencing right now.


About Marta Costa

I’m an idea-driven, too many tabs open, dessert lover, sometimes baker, hopelessly optimistic, personal development junkie that always has some room for a good laugh.

Married, mom of César and Poppy (my furry princess), I'm a certified Clinical Psychologist turned Empowerment Life Coach.

And it’s my goal to help as much women as possible overcome self-doubt, release feelings of unworthiness + rewire for happiness. 

So they can a finally create a life they feel excited to wake up to every morning, doing what they love and bravely expressing themselves unapologetically.

Passionate about everything that leads to the happy life I thrive with other people’s success.

I value honesty, freedom, authenticity and kindness.

I believe that everything we need is already in us. Sometimes we just need a flashlight. I’m your flashlight. And your most raving fan. Only I don’t use pompoms!

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